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If you are looking for an opportunity to build a real business helping businesses, this could well be what you are looking for!

We built to support businesses in three key areas;

1. Getting better connected with more relevant contacts to potentially trade with
2. Ad building with easy social media sharing
3. Cost reduction on business essentials

As successful business men and women ourselves, we understand the real day to day challenges owner/operators are faced with, we were faced with them also. In business, we all want to be more successful but with time and budget restraints the usual position to take is dealing with what’s in front of us with little time to think about expansion. In an increasingly digital age, social media plays a crucial role in getting our businesses recognised but how do we do that and who to do we trust with our hard-earned cash? Pump money into building a new website – what about getting the site noticed? Pay money on Facebook and Twitter Ads – How do you know it will work? The truth is, you don’t and there is a significant cost attachment, win or lose!

We call Communication and Energy business essentials; without them we can’t function. Business typically pays too much and there are too many suppliers continually pitching for the business making the market blurred. We have a plan for that!

The opportunity
If you have a real and genuine interest in building a business with both upfront and residual income supporting business and have a long-term vision on your future, please complete the form on the right, we will be in touch soon after submission.

Thanks for your interest in making the business community a better place!

Russ Wheeler - Founder

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