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Russ Wheeler - Founder of thebusinessclub.com



Why? I want usable and I want easy. I want a way that I don't have to be an expert in social media to promote my business and I want more reach to other business people, that was the vision.

Some of the biggest challenges I have faced and continue to face in my business life aren't unique to me. From wanting more contacts to turn into customers to understanding how your business can get better on-line exposure. Being generally time poor is a daily reality for most business owners / operators where the day to day gets in the way of enhancing and growing. 

I love business networking groups, they always have positive people and the people running them do a great job but could I commit to one every week, no. Could I be part of something that I can particpate with in my own time and on-line? Sure, but what is it and where is it?

We are all budget conscious in business and want the maximum return for our spend. The vast majority of us have to rely on third parties to promote our business at a cost, generally because we don't have time and if we did, do we know how to do it as in "really do it"?

In 2012 I had an Idea - What about building "something" to do it to support business?

Four years later, things have galloped along in the way we interact on-line. I believe that in TBC [thebusinessclub] we have created a real business tool, one thats easy to use, accessible and will support even the novice in getting better business exposure.

Cue -  thebusinessclub.com 

The journey so far...

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”
Abraham Lincoln
  • July 2014

    1. The domain

    More luck than anything, the domain I had waited for to make it all work came up at auction , the bidding started. After a sleepless night of bidding and checking the auction on my mobile, I woke to success, we won the domain name thebusinessclub.com. How much did it cost? More than I thought it would, but  it was key to the project....Let the journey begin! 

  • February 2015

    2. The programming begins

    We have a budget and are self funded [by me], finding a team to deliver the first web based version was a challenge. I've built platforms before and been burned on late delivery, this time i employed a team to build my vision.

  • July 2015

    3. Version 1.0

    When you watch something grow and you have both an emotional and finacial investment in it, you always want to make it better [I do anyway]. Not happy with the features of the first version, I added some more [Programming team going AARRGGHH] I figured it like this,  its got be right, right? 

  • September 2015

    4. Version 1.1

    Massive improvement but still something missing. Its in line with what I want in my head but now its built, whats missing? Time to take a step back and think.

  • December 2015

    5.  Is this ever going to get there?

    Version after version and something is still missing. Taking that big step back and thinking didn't do anything other than  chew up more of the budget. 2016 is around the corner and I still don't have a product i'm happy with, what to do?  Reward the team for their patience and efforts, take Christmas off and revisit in January.

  • February 2016

    6. Eureka moment but the budgets almost gone!

    I found the missing piece, staring me in the face all the time but with the ever increasing modifications, we are late on delivery [My choice]. The original budget has been spent, we've come this far. Time to increase the funding [open bank of Russ again] to carry on.

  • May 2016

    7. The real breakthrough

    Version 1.8, now we are really getting there and it feels great! We added the "missing part" and improved the other modules. Committed to myself that I wouldn't add or change anything until we GO LIVE.   

  • June 2016

    8. The App

    Can we afford one? No Can we afford not to have one? No   Increase the team and build an iOS and Android App, thats the plan. Cost? How much! OK, time to swallow and be brave, fortune favours the brave, right?

  • July 2016

    9. Raising money through equity

    Get members and the business community engaged through crowd funding, great idea, how do we do that?  I've always self funded my startups, and grown with limited borrowings, how do we do it?  Found a local firm in Manchester UK to run me through it. One word springs to mind, MINEFIELD. 

  • August 2016

    10. Crowd funding    : |

    Shoot the promo movie, build the pitch and thats it right?  NO,  now we have to be accepted onto a platform to raise the funding, exciting but all very frustrating. The team in Manchester pushing hard to get us listed, somewhere, anywhere would be a step forward. 

  • 19 October 2016

    11. Where are we now?

    Today we list on a crowd funding platform in the UK and the journey continues.

  • 15 November 2016

    12. Going PLC

    BIG STEP! For sure but a logical one, we are creating a Club, why not offer members and the public the opportunity to buy shares in it. Great idea from Racefields in Manchester, a key part of our rollout team. 

Would I do it all again? You BETCHA!