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The ULTIMATE business mobile contract

Built for business iPhone users offering fantastic value and total peace of mind all ways up! Flexi tariffs have been designed to offer complete “flexibility” in allowing you to change your products at any point to the latest and greatest new iPhone.

All Flexi tariffs include Unlimited Minutes and texts for the UK and 2000 Minutes and texts for use roaming in the EU. Just choose the Data bundle that matches your users [IMPORTANT – Always go slightly higher to avoid out of bundle charges as and where possible]

The lowest Flexi option comes with 3GB of Data all the way upto 30GB. All tariffs include a minimum of 500MB of EU roaming Data too!

Theft, Loss and Damage insurance is included and is supplied by our partner Supercover – the UK’s number one gadget insurer. 90 Days of worldwide cover is standard as is extended product warranty after 12 months.


Who reads terms and conditions?

OK so you have a contract that wasn’t exactly what you signed up for, well put another way, the terms and conditions weren’t read?
It’s safe to assume that most people won’t pore over pages of contract terms and conditions but it’s necessary, especially when it comes to exit fees. You may be onto something in saving money but those savings could be negated by exit fees to release your numbers and or your access to your own services.
Check for the following;

  • Cost to provide you with a mobile PAC code per number typically £25 to £50 per number
  • A cancellation charge to cancel your order before connection
  • Lost revenue charges if you decide to pay your contract off early
  • Landline release cost

Better to be safe than sorry!
Our contracts are clear with no small print or release charges!

Cheaper Business Tariffs

Its simple really, its the same but different!

Hosted telephony or VOIP for short, this is the next generation of telecoms for your business.

It’s simple to understand if you think of it in this way. Currently your landline calls route out through what we know as phone lines be they single lines with the handset plugged in directly or via a PABX [the box on the wall]. VOIP | Hosted works just the same apart from your calls are placed over a Data connection, for most parts that’s your internet connection. No Boxes on the wall that cost a fortune to maintain and all round a better solution for the vast majority of businesses.

Call clarity is exceptional and so are the features that come as standard such as voice mail, call forwarding, hunt groups and much more.

Is it cheaper? Yes it is!

Price per user starts at ONLY £13:97 per month plus VAT including unlimited UK calls to standard landline and mobile numbers.

company cost reduction low cost landline

Times are changing...GO SIP

We have used ISDN (digital lines) since the mid 1980s, long before anyone had even heard of the “Internet”. Fast forward to today and the internet covers all aspects of everyday life. In the same way we are now used to Netflix, Spotify, i-Player, Sky Go and TV on demand in general, we will now get used to a different way of using landline phones. It’s going to change forever.

When TV went from analogue to digital everyone had to make sure their TV was compatible, or simply buy a new TV. The same is happening to landlines. BT have announced that digital ISDN lines are going to be withdrawn in 2025. Everyone who uses it will need to change.


Roaming - A heads up on the best networks

As business users, we all will at some point have the need to call or use our handsets abroad. International roaming charges on business mobile aren’t particularly cheap, even with the changes in place for EU usage. Take a look at who offers what

O2 – With all the tariffs we offer, you will receive 2000 minutes and 2000 texts to use in the EU plus a minimum of 500MB of EU roaming Data. If you are travelling outside of the EU, to the US and Canada, a day pass is available with 200 minutes, 2000 texts and 500MB of Data for £7:50 per day

Vodafone – For EU usage and a small charge of £4 per day, users can use their home tariff. Outside of the EU, £7 per day allows home tariff bundle usage in countries such as the USA, Australia and South Africa.

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SIP Trunking

To stay competitive, today’s businesses require more than just independent phone and data lines to cut deals, make sales and stay connected to their growing mobile workforces. They need systems that are less old-school and a lot more geek-chic … systems that deliver the power of VoIP in all its glory to meet the demands of each department in the organization. What they need is SIP Trunking.

It's not just our opinion either. Openreach say exactly the same thing. The lines we have used for so long are simply not fit for modern working any more. They are too expensive / too restrictive / too yesteryear. It's why Openreach are withdrawing the technology. In the same way 4 channels of analogue TV was good in the 1980's, it is no longer here and has been replaced by thousands of channels of IP TV in 2017.

SIP Trunking gives you some key benefits (apart from giving you no choice but to move to SIP or VoIP at some point):

1 – Almost Infinite Scalability
2 – Save 60%+ Over ISDN and Other Systems
3 – Never a Missed Call
4 – More Efficient Communications
5 – ROI is Almost Instantaneous

contact messages membership company

Is your bill driving you nuts?

The biggest area we find OOB charges coming from is in having insufficient Data per user – this can be a runaway horse – It doesn’t take long to consume 100MB of Data on a 4G mobile network and if your staff member has used all of their bundle, you will get a charge roughly of £8.00 just for that 100MB used [Based on 8P per MB charge]

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